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Fierce! What do you think?
Aug 30, 2014 / 71 notes


Fierce! What do you think?

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Aug 25, 2014

The color grey can turn bright and hot in summer

It’s hard to believe that a color such as grey could be fun and look pretty good for summer, especially when you choose an outfit for daytime in sunny Florida. But I’ve found the right pants that can do exactly that. How?! Well, let’s say they come with some bright help… 

Browsing through Macy’s, I came across these comfy floral pants. I instantly felt drawn to them, and after trying them on and paying no more and no less than $19 (full price, mind you), I was a happy camper.

Pulling off floral pants without looking like a clown or like you are wearing pajamas is not hard, but maybe a little challenging. That’s why I built my outfit around the pants, to make them the star of the show. To me, the key is to pair them with the right shirt and shoes. I opted for a solid shirt in a slightly different shade of grey, but that it has a few lines of delicate beads on the front, just to make it more fun. Grey tennis shoes (3rd shade of grey… getting there, but never too close to fifty… :P )  but then again, they have animal print patterns! 

So how do you not look like a clown while still following the mix-and-match trend? Make a look fun by mixing patterns, but only highlighting some! 

Accessorizing was easy, because you don’t want to overwork it with stuff. If you have read my previous blogs, then you know that when in doubt, you just wear pearl earrings. They highlight your face, and never get in the way of your outfit. I happen to have a clutch that I adore, and believe it or not, I’ve had for two years now thanks to my lovely friends from Argentina who gave it to me as a gift. The color matched the flowers on the pants! And just for fun I wore my favorite aviator sunnies this season. 

Make up was easy too, and I focused on the lips, using a really bright pink/coral lipstick from Sephora (“Escape To Rio” Rouge Cream Lipstick in Neon Rouge Flamingo - fuschia; which unfortunately they don’t carry it anymore because it was a limited edition collection). Once again, making one thing shine. 

You can still find these pants at Macy’s, and they are from the brand “energie”. The tag had a beautiful message… which I think it was like the cherry on top.

Let’s celebrate summer!


Be Fabulous. Be Yourself!

Aug 10, 2014 / 1,860 notes


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Summer is also about going cute
Nails are probably the most versatile way to express yourself, especially if you are skeptical about trying new colors or styles of clothes. Nails are a good way to start exploring.
Summer is all about colors, vibrance and fun. But sometimes going cute with some subtle colors pair well with anything you wear. Good examples are these two tones I tried. 
White was a must during winter, so of course it will also be in summer! However, just to change it a bit, instead of white I went for ivory (same name). Forever 21 has the cutest colors of polish (and btw, this weekend they are but 1 get 1 free!), and it paints really well; you don’t need many coats to see the color coming through - very creamy. The second one, it’s classic Revlon in “Café Pink”.
Two colors to act cutsie in summer. Which one do you like best? 
Be Fabulous.Be Yourself!
Jul 20, 2014

Summer is also about going cute

Nails are probably the most versatile way to express yourself, especially if you are skeptical about trying new colors or styles of clothes. Nails are a good way to start exploring.

Summer is all about colors, vibrance and fun. But sometimes going cute with some subtle colors pair well with anything you wear. Good examples are these two tones I tried. 

White was a must during winter, so of course it will also be in summer! However, just to change it a bit, instead of white I went for ivory (same name). Forever 21 has the cutest colors of polish (and btw, this weekend they are but 1 get 1 free!), and it paints really well; you don’t need many coats to see the color coming through - very creamy. The second one, it’s classic Revlon in “Café Pink”.

Two colors to act cutsie in summer. Which one do you like best? 


Be Fabulous.Be Yourself!

Jul 20, 2014 / 385,732 notes

This is very true. Let us not fall into these stereotypes!!

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Jul 20, 2014 / 243 notes

Giambattista Valli
 HAUTE COUTURE fall 2014.

(fdmLOVES edit)

[ph fashionwirepress]

This totally works for a day wedding, making a chic cool bride with the flats, sunnies and head scarf.

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Jul 5, 2014 / 2 notes

Crazy for the World Cup! 

Ahhh… every four years, we get to experience something that you don’t really experience in any other way, with any other sport. The World Cup, this time in Brazil. I have watched every match I could, and it has been filling up my days pretty well… so well that it forced me not to write so many blogs for the past month! Makes me feel a bit guilty, but then again… it only happens over 1 month every four years!

Now, many Americans are just starting to grasp the idea of soccer, or fútbol, as we call it, and this time around it seemed that they were a little bit more into it, especially after the USA made it out of the so-called “group of death”. But you know, I’m from Argentina, and I have been living World Cup and soccer passion all my life. It’s in my blood… in my DNA! So I had to do something to get my Argentinean dose of fútbol somehow. Because it’s a passion hard to explain… the amazing feeling that is not comparable to anything else.

So far, we have been doing alright… Messi has been better than other times, and we have been scraping by to get to quarterfinals. We can only hope to be stronger than Belgium today to make it to the semifinals. But… I’m not here to talk about soccer or how the World Cup is going, as I’m pretty sure you all more or less know.

Whenever I watch my country’s matches, I have to have some good luck charms, so I wear my jersey, wear the colors on my nails and I have to eat some Argentinean food (the last pictures are from the Argentinean steakhouse “The Knife” in Orlando, FL… by the way, aren’t those colors beautiful!? <3 ). 

And of course, the fashionista in me has to try to combine colors… so makeup is important in this case. Fuscia lipstick seemed perfect to contrast with the light blue of my whole outfit. Sephora has a brand new line of matte lip gloss which is a must-try. Eyeliner without extra eye shadow made it for the matches that are during the daytime. What do you think about my look?

And are you watching the World Cup? Which team are you supporting, and in what fashionable way are you supporting them? 

As a final note, I recommend this steakhouse (out-of-this-world, look it up if you happen to be around Lake Buena Vista area, or Downtown Disney).

And today… VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!


Be Fabulous. Be Yourself!

Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color for “Sephora” - $14

Felt eyeliner 24HR wear for “Sephora” - $13

Pure Ice nail polish in “Castle of Dreams” - $2

Forever 21 Nail Color in “Ivory” - $2.80

Jun 14, 2014

New look for summer!

Summer calls for a change of hairstyle! Then what’s better than add my all-time favorite hair cut with some beach waves?

My amazing hairstylist Justin made my dream come true. A long bob with shagged layers - for me, the more the better. My hair is very heavy and I have a lot of it, so in order to create this laid back look he cut some hair from the inside parts to make it light and airy.

To give it an easy finish, which is something I’m always looking for, as I don’t like spending too much time getting my hair ready (I’d rather use that time for my makeup; and my last look had bangs which took time, so I’m kinda over it) he suggested applying a texturizing spray to create that beachy look which is so on trend right now. It’s the perfect solution to me. All I have to do is apply while it’s naturally drying after I wash it and mold it with my hands. That is it! You can even apply it when it’s dry if you want to keep this vibe all throughout the day. Just to note, on this picture my hair is actually dry! That is amazing, isn’t it?

(Btw, no surprise the hair salon is called “Beach Break” lol!)

What do you think? Would you try easy-beachy waves this summer?

I hope you do!

Paul Mitchell “Awapuhl” Wild Ginger Texturizing Spray (it even smells like the sea and feels a tad sandy… really cool) - $18


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Jun 6, 2014 / 1 note

The Forgotten Florida Key

When you think about the Florida Keys, paradisaical beaches surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico come to mind. Siesta Key and Key West are renown for their stunning white sands and striking blue-almost-green-ish waters. But they forget that there is yet another key that is hardly named. It’s very tiny and at the very north of Florida. It’s called Cedar Key.

I happen to live an hour away from Cedar Key, and yet in the almost 4 years I’ve been living in Florida, the first time I went there was just a couple of weeks ago! Yes, it is the Gulf of Mexico but you would never imagine it because the water is not Gulf-like at all. It looks more like a river than the Gulf. It is very, very small… so small you can drive around this Key in only a couple of minutes. Or you can actually walk, which would be better (cars tend to cramp together and drive veeeery slow; and not to mention the amount of boats around!).

Even though it is intended to be a tourist area, it is mostly locals and people from the towns nearby who frequent this place. There are a few restaurants, mostly seafood ones - duh! - and one ice-cream place - nothing special, the serve the ice-cream you would get at the grocery store in a cone. Unless you are planning on either going fishing or going to the small public beach available, you shouldn’t plan your whole day around this key.

After we had a drink overviewing the Gulf, we found a local restaurant with amazing food. Obviously we did some research so as not to fall into a trap with bad food and high prices (it is, in the end, a tourist place), and we decided to try Annie’s Cafe. It is the typical dive you would see on Guy Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, so we thought a little  adventure would be exciting. And it was worth it! The grilled scallops and shrimp were amazing and had an unique taste - I would like to find out what seasoning they used, but it was a secret!. The coleslaw and the salad (not pictured) were clearly fresh, as they use local ingredients. 

So before and after lunch we walked around the area, and it felt nice to see somewhere new. All the time I was wondering why it took me so long to go there. It is definitely a place to add to your itinerary when you are planning on visiting North Florida, and maybe take the time to drive there to enjoy a different view of the Florida Keys.


Be Fabulous. Be Yourself!

May 24, 2014

The colors of summer

Spring has been on its full swing for some time now, and we can feel the heat up in the air. It’s amazing how much different one feels when you can finally get rid of some clothes and wear shorts and sandals. Especially here in Florida, we get to enjoy this a little bit early up to almost October!

So with spring and summer new adventures come, and if we refer to fashion and beauty, we are able to be free and play with colors a lot more than during the cold seasons. My first bold movement of the year (beauty-wise, that is) is trying a new shade of nail polish.

Yes, as silly as it sounds, I feel like that I need to “test the waters” by starting a little bit at a time, not jumping into the pool as soon as we have a shiny day with 75 degrees outside. (By the way, this is a personal thing, you go ahead and put on all your summer styles at once, it’s totally fine and I admire your audacity to transition right away).

Some days ago my husband got me a gift certificate for Sephora, and, as you can imagine, I was a happy camper. I immediately ran to my nearest Sephora and spent virtually almost two hours navigating the store to see what was new. It had been a while since I paid them a visit, so I wanted to fill myself in with all the newest trends and products. I bought a lipstick from the brand’s new collection - a no-brainer; you can see it on the picture of me being goofy - and then I went for the nail polishes. Nails is one of the first things I change when I transition from cold weather to hot weather and vice-versa. I wanted something cool but not too out of my comfort zone (and that is saying a lot, because I love experimenting and there are very few things I am not comfortable with when it comes to trends, colors and styles).

I literally stood in front of the amazing collection Sephora has (have you seen it, isn’t it beautiful?) until I finally made up my mind for this nice coral. It’s not fluorescent, but it’s close, especially when you see it in person. I thought, “That matches perfectly well with my new lipstick!”. And so I went for it. 

Now what do you think about my new shades? I have to confess that I always loved aviators sunglasses but never thought they looked good on my face. But when I was at Plato’s Closet in search for some cool-and-cheap stuff, I came across these sunglasses and fell in love with them. They also had them in blue, green and yellow I believe, but guess why I only wanted the pink/coral ones? You guessed it, they made the perfect trio with my lipstick and nail polish!

So here I am, in one of my favorites places in Florida (St. Augustine) wearing a beautiful summer combo that brought the attention of some people indeed. Yup, I got compliments for the shades - mainly. For this occasion I picked a blue shirt with white stars to create a contrast with the colors. And it turned out to be a great shirt for Memorial Day weekend! :)

And I thought aviator sunglasses were not for me…. I guess I’ve changed my mind!

What do you think? What are your colors this summer?

Nail polish - Formula X for Sephora in “Power Source” ($10)

Lipstick - Sephora Rouge “Flamingo” ($12)

Sunglasses - Plato’s Closet ($6.99)


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May 17, 2014

Gainesville Fashion Week 2014

Here’s a short video recap of the best collection of the runway show from last April. 

Read more about the event here

Designer: Julia Chew

Collection: Xialoin


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Well said SJP!
May 7, 2014 / 1 note

Well said SJP!

May 2, 2014

Love those cherry lips!

On my last blog I promised I would tell you my secret to how to create cherry lips with makeup you already have. Cherry lips are a trend this season, and you can wear it in different shades and for any occasion. It’s very cute, and it gives a chance and an alternative to those who think red lips are “too much” or “too bold” to pull off. So here it is! It’s very easy!

All you need is a plump lipstick - or similar color, which I’m sure everyone has as it was super hot during the fall and winter,a hot red liquid stain/gloss/lipstick - again, even those afraid to wear the sexy color should have - and some lip gloss. What I found on my makeup bag is: Avon lipstick in “54 Ambar”; Sephora Cream Lip Stain in “03 Strawberry Kissed”; and Sephora Wand Lip Color in “Uptown Girl” (I used the first shade).

1. First, just put on the plump lipstick as you would normally do, outlining your lips and filling them up (pictures #2 and #3).

2. Grab the red stain and place dots throughout your lips, as shown in picture #5.

3. With a tissue lightly damp the dots to create a uniform color all through your lips. Don’t overdo it or you will eventually take it all off. Depends how much red you apply to create “your” perfect cherry color. (see pictures #6)

4. As you can see on picture #7, the color is there and it looks fantastic! But in my opinion, it needs something else to be able to take it to the next level. And that’s when you apply regular, colorless lip gloss to give it a beautiful finish. You can use cherry lip gloss for an extra dose of color if you prefer (pictures #8 and #9). 

I purposely left my face clean of makeup to be able to show you how much a simple lip color can lift you up and make you look all made up. Looking at the pictures you can see this evolution. Indeed, it is really easy to pull off and with virtually no cost - at least at the moment.

Sometimes fashion and beauty are about being creative… and finding your own place of confidence with whatever you choose to wear - both on your body and on your face.

Hope this tutorial is helpful! Let me know if you try it, and show me! What about other beauty tricks you have under your sleeve and want to share it with all of us? That would be fa-bu-lous!

Now let’s go rock those cherry lips tonight!


Be Fabulous. Be Yourself!

May 1, 2014

Amazingly easy to look radiant without much makeup.

Apr 21, 2014

A Fresh New Look at No Cost

Hi fabulous people! Today I won’t show you what I found in stores for good prices. Today, you will see an outfit that I built with clothes I have in my wardrobe from previous seasons. Yes, following a trend or being “fashionable” doesn’t mean to wear everything fresh new from a shopping spree. There are other creative ways to look chic by recycling what you already have.

So a couple of weeks ago I went to my local Fashion Week event in Florida - by the way, check out my take on Gainesville Fashion Week at Gainesville Observed -  and, honestly, shopping was not on my budget that particular weekend. So I stood in front of my “old-new” closet; and I call it like that because I had just stored my winter clothes and put up my summer clothes, and every time I do it I get a feeling of having a brand new wardrobe when in reality it’s just that I forgot about 50% of the things I had from the previous year. So looking at my closet I started mapping out the outfit for the night and came out with what you see on the pictures. A couple of trends paired up together.

Here’s the dissection of the outfit. I wanted to be comfortable as a start point so I immediately thought of jeans. These light Old Navy jeans are amazingly comfy, but they can be too casual for a fashion show, So by adding the white pumps it instantly gives it a more “night-out” vibe. Those heels are the first high heels I can walk on without feeling like I will break my ankle. I found just the right height for me, and I got them at Payless for my wedding! Light blue jeans rolled up with high heels = trend #1.

For the upper part of my outfit, I came up with this idea which turned out to look pretty good in my opinion. A white shirt with navy blue stripes - almost black - from JC Penny with a cobalt blue light blazer from Sears on top just put the whole outfit together. Nautical look = trend #2

For accessories and makeup, I went for big statement silver earrings with everything else simple (you could also do gold if you prefer; I just felt silver fit better overall). No extra accessories as the earrings were big enough to cover that area, and simple makeup meaning light color eye shadow and cherry lips - which, by the way, I created myself with two different lipsticks. On my next blog I will do the tutorial on how to create it! Cherry-is-the-new-red = trend #3

I know stylists suggest you choose one or two trends at a time to not overdo your look. But in this case I feel like the statements looked good together, as the jeans and the shoes do not overkill the nautical shirt; on the contrary, they actually complement each other.

What do yo think about the outfit? Would you wear something like that?

Note and piece of advice: It is common knowledge that horizontal stripes makes you look wider. So for girls like me, i.e. not precisely the model type, the fact that I am “cutting” or covering the stripes with a fitted blazer, I am giving the illusion of a slimmer upper body. And the heels also help, as the make your legs look longer and make you stand more straight up. Not up for heels? Then pointy flats are the best choice. Try it out with and without (both blazer and heels) and you will be surprised! ;)


Be Fabulous. Be Yourself!